FOUNDED in Hamburg 2004, today STAMM & PARTNER is operating from offices in Hamburg and Dubai in cooperation with our local Partner IES Consulting.


Martin Stamm
(Founder and Managing Director)

In various international leading sales positions for German companies, Martin Stamm has gained experience in the security markets of the South Pacific and Middle East regions. His extensive business network is the base for his activities in the GCC region.


Martin Stamm

Adil Abdel Hadi
(Local Partner and Managing Director / IES Consulting)

With more than 20 years of international security experience, thereof 13 years in the United Arab Emirates, Adil Abdel Hadi is Partner of the Dubai Police Academy and appointed by the Dubai Police to conduct mandatory Security Systems Audits.

Adil Abdel Hadi


Our Mission 
is to broker, assemble and integrate high quality, innovative total-care solutions “Made in Germany” for the security and crisis management market of the Middle East Region.

Our Services 
include Hardware and Software solutions, as well as Assessment, Project Management, Consulting, Training and Certification.

Our Business Model 
is characterized by a modern and efficient organizational structure with little overhead, as well as significant cost sharing benefits for our partners and clients. Good market knowledge and a valuable business network make up our core assets. With these we can add sustainable value, especially for European companies entering the Middle East Market. The form of the partnership is tailored to each individual case, with a focus on a long lasting cooperation in which we benefit from our partners’ success.

Our clients 
are large scale enterprises and organizations with critical business processes and a high awareness for Crisis Management and Security issues in vertical markets like:

  • Energy & Industry
  • Aviation
  • Health Care & Pharma
  • Finance & Trade
  • Public Organizations / Government

Our Method of Operation 
is individual and project oriented. The sales success of the companies we represent is ensured by the combination of networking/lobbying, tradeshows and congresses, direct and indirect sales activities as well as our commitment to high quality.

Our Vision 
is to represent high quality, integrated security projects for the Middle East, realized by an alliance of select companies with complementary offerings.

We represent well established market leading suppliers and are continuously on the lookout for new cutting edge technologies, always focussing on best of breed concepts.

Due to our strong partner network, our clients rely on well proven and tested solutions, independently chosen and custom tailored for individual needs.